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The assessment centre

Quite simply, we want each and every learner of the Financial Adviser School to succeed. So before training commences we invite learners who are new to the industry (with less than one year’s experience) to attend an assessment centre.

This is an opportunity to discuss everyone’s expectations and to make sure learners have the required levels of competence to undertake a career as a professional financial adviser.

The session includes exercises to test different areas, such as communication and listening skills, their level of professionalism, interpersonal skills and key attributes that are crucial to being a successful adviser, such as the ability to empathise and build trust. There is also a factfind exercise to give students a taste of what the role of an adviser is like.

As a result, learners – and the adviser firms sponsoring them – can feel confident that they’ll achieve success.

Working in partnership with advice firms

Following the assessment centre, a full evaluation report is completed for each learner and sent to the learner's sponsoring firm (or potential sponsor). This details key behaviours that they displayed and their performance throughout the session.

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