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Competent adviser status

After graduating from the Financial Adviser School, the majority of learners go on to become a trainee financial adviser within a firm – either with their existing employer, or with a new employer if the learner is new to the industry and we have helped them to find a work placement.

To move from being a trainee adviser to becoming a financial adviser, they must reach a benchmark called ‘competent adviser status’ to ensure they are fit to give advice. Trainee advisers are assessed through a series of measures, for example:

  • Supervised client visits.
  • Proving experience in different product advice areas.

  • File checking.
  • Ensuring that advice is rounded and compliant.

How does the Financial Adviser School help?

The broad training we give learners means that, when they become trainee advisers, they’ll already have been trained in many of the skills needed to achieve competent adviser status. For example, our programme includes training on how to:

  • engage with clients to ensure all their needs are disclosed and addressed
  • assess and record a client’s attitude to risk
  • write compliant recommendation letters and reports
  • put advice into action and conduct regular reviews

Plus lots more – all included in our rounded package of training.