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A stimulating, blended learning approach

Our DipFA® and CeMAP® programme

The Financial Adviser School provides a rich and blended learning experience to help learners achieve success.

Those studying to become an adviser benefit from:

  • in-depth tuition, both face-to-face and via weekly virtual classrooms
  • valuable insight into clients’ responses and how to connect with them, by studying behavioural economics
  • regular assessments to test knowledge and identify any gaps
  • fastrack learning through case studies, quick-fact cards and webcasts
  • recommending areas of self-study in between organised training sessions
  • agendas for one-to-one meetings with your employer/training sponsor (if applicable).

Advanced qualification tuition for experienced advisers

Our structured training programme for the Level 6 Diploma in Financial Advice (Adv DipFA®) involves a mixture of virtual classrooms and face-to-face training days.

For many advisers, it’s been a while since they’ve had to study, so the training has a large emphasis on exam preparation, covering academic material, test questions, and how to apply knowledge to written exams. Because people learn most efficiently when the training is practical and realistic, we focus on bringing the technical content to life and relating things to the real world.

The blended training programme brings you that step closer to achieving exams for specific licensed areas of business, such as Pension Transfers and Long Term Care and Later Life Planning.

Collaborating with learners and adviser firms

Training is designed to be flexible around work commitments, so those learners being sponsored by (or seeking sponsorship from) an adviser firm can continue (or begin) to gain valuable hands-on experience in their ‘day job’, whilst studying.

Should a learner have an area of weakness, as well as giving them extra support, our trainers will let their sponsoring firm know, so that they can help them develop. For example, it may be that there’s an opportunity for the learner to work on a ‘real-life’ case, to help embed their knowledge.

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