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Coming from a sports background

Moving from being a professional sportsman or woman to becoming a financial adviser is much more common than you’d think. Even if your previous qualifications aren’t related to finance, getting into the financial services industry is accessible and achievable. At the Financial Adviser School we can support your training in your spare time, and introduce you to businesses that are looking for new advisers.

What is the job of a financial adviser?

Financial advisers help their clients (either individuals or businesses) to choose the best financial products and services to meet their needs, helping them achieve their long term goals and ambitions, and become more prosperous. This might involve advising clients on the right investments, savings, pensions, mortgages or insurance products.

Hear from Tom Schofield at Ablestoke Investments about his transition as a rugby player to becoming an adviser.

Why would you consider becoming a financial adviser?

Having gained experience in a sporting profession, it’s likely that you have a number of transferable skills which can help in your new career, such as people skills, self-management, motivation and resilience.

Impressive earnings potential and perhaps the chance to run your own business mean financial advice continues to be a popular career choice. There’s also a huge demand for financial advisers, so now is the ideal time to build your career. You can read about some of the benefits of becoming an adviser here.

Why choose the Financial Adviser School?

  • If you’re thinking about your next career step whilst still playing sport competitively, training to become a financial adviser can be easily accommodated due to the part time nature of the study. With 2.5 hour virtual classrooms each week and 15 face to face days over our 58-week programme, there is still plenty of time for you to attend your sports training commitments.
  • We’ll give you dedicated, personal support to help you launch your new career. We can arrange introductions with advice businesses that are looking for new advisers, even before your sporting career has ended, or organise for you to spend time with an adviser to help you decide if the role is right for you.
  • Our flexible payment options (with the opportunity of sponsorship) mean studying with us could be the best investment you could make in your future. We’re here to help you succeed and flourish as an individual going through a period of change, so you can excel in a new career.

What next?

Contact us now to discuss studying with the Financial Adviser School and to request an application form. There’s plenty of helpful information on our website – take a look at the useful links below.

Find out about timings and options for the next Financial Adviser School training programme.

Our ‘How to apply’ page details the entry requirements and application process.