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Career changer

Whatever your background or experience, becoming a financial adviser is both accessible and achievable. In addition to the training we provide, if you wish we can also introduce you to hiring firms that you could potentially join after you’ve qualified, to ease your transition into your new career.

Our students come from a range of different backgrounds. We’ve helped people who:

  • have previously worked in completely different fields – from teaching, to the oil and gas industry
  • are changing careers after having spent several decades in one profession
  • started working in a particular industry after university but decided it wasn’t for them.

Importantly, the Financial Adviser School isn’t just for school leavers or university graduates, but for anyone (of any age) who wants to train or retrain. There are different training routes available and varied career options once you’re qualified. You might choose to join an established firm, for example, or become self-employed – this may particularly appeal to you if you’re midway through your working life.

There is currently a shortage of financial advisers, so it’s a great time to start. Even if you think your previous experience is unrelated, the likelihood is you’ll have valuable skills – such as dealing with people, and time management – that will be highly prized by firms looking for new advisers to hire.

Why change to a career in financial advice?

  • Flexibility – options to be employed, self-employed, and to manage your workload around home commitments.
  • High earnings potential.
  • People focused – a chance to help people from all walks of life.
  • Diverse and challenging work, with opportunities to progress.

Hear from Heather Owen at Quilter Private Client Advisers about her journey to becoming an adviser.

What next?

Ready to get started? Great! Contact us now to discuss studying with the Financial Adviser School and to request an application form. There’s plenty of helpful information on our website – take a look at the useful links below.

Find out about timings and options for the next Financial Adviser School training programme.

Our ‘How to apply’ page details the entry requirements and application process.