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How do I get paid as an adviser?

If you are not already working for an advice firm, after you complete our application and assessment process, we will agree a list of firms to approach and introduce you to. You will then take part in an interview process with them directly, with a view to enrolling on the Financial Adviser School programme once you’ve started in your new role.

Someone coming to the Financial Adviser School without being sponsored will be introduced to firms that are interested in bringing new people into their business. This could be:

  • to increase the number of advisers within the practice
  • for succession planning to take over when the main adviser retires.

These firms are likely to be looking at offering you a role on the following basis:

  1. As an administrator – allowing for your training to take place whilst you support the business. This would be an employed role.
  2. As an administrator/paraplanner – this would be an employed role.
  3. As an inexperienced protection adviser – you would begin working as a protection adviser once you had completed the first exam (FSRE), which would provide the ability for you to start generating revenue for the business. This could be on a self-employed or an employed contract.
  4. Once the programme is complete the firm is likely to offer you an adviser role. Some firms only offer self-employed contracts, which would be agreed at the outset.

What next?

Ready to get started? Great! Contact us now to discuss studying with the Financial Adviser School and to request an application form. There’s plenty of helpful information on our website – take a look at the useful links below.

Find out about timings and options for the next Financial Adviser School training programme.

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