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Adviser firms

If you run an advice firm today you’ll probably be familiar with these challenges:

  • You’re facing more demand from clients than ever before.
  • You’re busier than ever before.
  • Recruiting qualified financial planners is harder than it’s ever been.
  • You, or your advisers, find it hard to set aside the time to do regular, structured study in order to advance your own qualifications.

The Financial Adviser School can help. We work in partnership with you to develop individuals who are ready to work in your firm, have a positive impact on your business and help it to grow.

We’ll engage with you to do this in one of three ways:

  1. If you wish to expand your business by developing an existing member of your staff we’ll give you our full support to help them achieve the necessary qualifications and skills to become an adviser. This can also help them achieve competent adviser status more quickly.
  2. Or, if you’re looking to grow by taking on somebody new, the school can give you access to the next generation of financial advisers studying with us.
  3. Finally, our focused training helps your existing advisers achieve the Adv DipFA® a level 6 qualification leading to Chartered Status with the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

Much more than a qualification

Our rounded package of training provides learners with the qualifications they need, as well as the vital skills required to help them really engage with clients. So whichever option you choose, successful learners will be highly skilled, qualified and ready to add value to your firm – either to free-up your experienced advisers, or to reach out to new clients.

Find out about our blended, fully supported, rounded package of training that is unique in the industry.