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Why choose us?

The Financial Adviser School is set up to give fledgling financial advisers a career, not just a qualification. It is completely different to a basic qualification tuition package.

Owned by Quilter, the school operates from within the financial advice sector to identify and fill career opportunities, working in collaboration with both learners and adviser firms. We welcome learners who already work in the industry as well as those starting from scratch.

Our unique and fully supported training programme is based on giving individuals the skills they need to achieve, as quickly as possible, competent adviser status. As a result…

After 58 weeks, learners leave us with:

Adviser firms benefit from:

  • spending less time and resources providing training support and getting their trainee adviser to competent adviser status more quickly
  • a motivated, qualified and highly-trained individual who can be moulded to their firm’s culture
  • a new adviser to help grow their business – either by reaching out to new clients, or by freeing up experienced advisers.

Read more about how the Financial Adviser School can benefit you as an adviser firm or a learner.