Professional qualifications

The London Institute of Banking and Finance Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®)

CeMAP® is designed to give you extensive knowledge of the UK financial regulation mortgages policy and practice and equip you to apply this as effective mortgage advice to your clients.

Our CeMAP® programme consists of the Financial Services, Regulations and Ethics (FSRE) qualification, plus units 3-7 of the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®). The FRSE replaces units 1 and 2 of the CeMAP®.  

Financial Services, Regulations and Ethics (FRSE) - learning outcomes

On completing this unit, you will understand:

  • the UK financial services industry, in its European and global context
  • how the retail consumer is served by the financial services industry
  • the regulation of financial services
  • the Financial Conduct Authority’s responsibilities and approach to regulation
  • the principles and rules as set out in the regulatory framework
  • the legal concepts relevant to financial advice
  • the different types of risk and how they relate to institutions and individuals
  • the skills required when advising clients
  • the Financial Conduct Authority’s principles based approach to promote ethical behaviour
  • the Code of Ethics and professional standards
  • the differences between ethical and unethical behaviour.

CeMAP® Unit 3

On completing this unit, you will:

  • know the regulatory definition of different types of mortgages, Buy to Let mortgages, Consumer Buy to Let mortgages, second charges and equity release
  • know the house-buying process, the key parties involved and their roles
  • know the process and implications of buying property at auction
  • know the common types of borrower and how their main mortgage related requirements may differ and what factors may disqualify people from borrowing
  • understand the main requirements of the Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules and the legislation affecting mortgages
  • understand the economic and regulatory context for giving mortgage advice.

CeMAP® Unit 4

On completing this unit, you will:

  • understand the role of a mortgage adviser
  • understand the purpose of additional security, including the role of guarantors
  • understand the fees and charges involved in arranging a mortgage
  • know the principal types of property defect that surveys can identify and understand their implications when seeking a mortgage
  • understand the principal factors affecting the value of property
  • understand the different forms of valuation and survey
  • understand the need to obtain Local Authority planning consent for house development/extensions.

CeMAP® Unit 5

On completing this unit, you will understand:

  • the key features of the different types of mortgage repayment options and their benefits and drawbacks for different types of borrower
  • the key features of the different types of mortgage product and interest rate options
  • the main features and functions of different forms of life assurance and other insurances.

CeMAP® Unit 6

On completing this unit, you will understand:

  • the principles and procedures associated with raising additional money and the circumstances when further borrowing might be appropriate
  • the principles, procedures and costs of transferring mortgages
  • the principles of using mortgages within debt consolidation arrangements
  • the implications for the borrower of the non-payment of mortgages, other breaches of the Mortgage Deed, non-payment of building insurance and the options available
  • the legal rights and remedies available to lenders in respect of non-payment from borrowers
  • the main provisions made by the State to assist consumers in difficulties over the repayment of mortgages.

CeMAP® Unit 7

On completing this qualification, you will understand how to:

  • analyse consumers’ circumstances and suitable mortgage solutions taking account of any existing arrangements
  • apply suitable mortgage solutions to specific consumers’ circumstances.